One Foot in Heaven DVD (1941) Fredric March

One Foot in Heaven DVD (1941) Fredric March



One Foot in Heaven DVD (1941) Fredric March

One Foot in Heaven. Fredric March stars as Methodist cleric William Spence, whose calling requires him to move his family from parish to parish on a near-monthly basis. The children resent the fact that they're never able to sustain friendships, while Reverend Spence is equally upset by what he perceives to be encroaching immorality in the early 20th century. Spence's stubbornness loses him as many parishioners as he gains, but he is gradually humanized by a series of random events. In the best of these, the Reverend, who has railed against movies from the pulpit, attends a "scandalous" picture show--and as the picture reaches its climax, he finds himself cheering on the good guys as loudly as everyone else!

Fredric March Rev. William Spence
Martha Scott - Hope Morris Spence
Beulah Bondi - Mrs. Lydia Sandow
Gene Lockhart - Preston Thurston
Elisabeth Fraser Eileen Spence at eighteen
Harry Davenport Elias Samson
Laura Hope Crewes Mrs. Thurston
Grant Mitchell Clayton Potter
Moroni Olsen - Dr. John Romer
Frankie Thomas Hartzell Spence, seventeen
Jerome Cowan - Dr. Horrigan
Ernest Cossart John Morris
Nana Bryant - Mrs. Morris
Carlotta Jelm - Eileen Spence at 11
Casey Johnson - Fraser Spence at 10
Roscoe Ates - George Reynolds
Clara Blandick Mrs. Watkins
Hobart Bosworth Richard Hardy Case
Harlan Briggs - McFarland, the Pharmacist

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